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    Name: Melinda Melusine.
    Race: Half silver dragon.
    Class: A warrior and elemental sorceress. Being so intimately familiar with arms and armor made it very easy to become a dual wielding warrior. As her powers come from within, she’s more of a sorceress than a wizard, though she prefers elemental spells or enchantments to empower the arms and armor she makes by hand. She has the capabilities of being a powerful battle mage if she chose to learn how to use more deadly elemental spells than enchantments.
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 76 years old (young adult), though she only looks 22.
    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: 153 lbs.
    Hair Color: Light brown.
    Eye Color: Pale blue.
    Family History: She was taken in by a family of gnomes who lived in an enchanted forest at the foot of a mountain. Adopted mother= Fijit Pai (Pronounced ‘Fidget Pie’). Still alive at 133 years old. Adopted father= Zatqualmie Pai. Still alive at 137 years old. Adopted siblings= 2 sisters (Besh, alive at 82, and Lini, dead), and 4 brothers (Abroshter (alive, 79), Bastargre (dead), Krolmnite (54), and Zarzuket (dead)).
    Held Titles: Blacksmith, Weapon and Armor Enchanter.
    Character History: Melinda Melusine was abandoned by an unknown mother in the wilds. So stereotypical, right? She never met her father, Apsu, and there’s the strong possibility that she may never meet him. She was instead found by her adopted father, Zatqualmie, while he was traveling with his eldest daughter, Besh. Finding the supposedly human child too cute to leave in a random human village to hopefully find a caring family, Zat brought little Melinda home to his loving wife, Fijit, and his two sons, Abroshter and Bastargre. Melinda grew up in the gnome family knowing that she was loved, adopted, and special, encouraged to always be curious about the world around her. She celebrated with her family when Lini, Krolmnite, and Zarzuket were born. She mourned along with them when Lini died of illness, when Bastargre was killed by a skeletal dragon, and when Zarzuket died in an alchemy accident.
    The loss of so many family members helped her decide to take on a practical profession, though her latent talent for enchanting metal made it anything but ordinary when she made things at a forge. She learned the way of the warrior from a cousin to the Pai family so that she would be more intimately acquainted with the weapons and armors she made. She quickly developed a talent for dual wielding swords. The whole Pai family was surprised when Melinda began to change. At the age of 14, small silvery scales began to grow on her skin. At the age of 20, she began to grow a pair of small dragon wings that matched the color of her scales. At the age of 22 she started to grow her horns. It was a few years after she began her blacksmith apprenticeship that she found her talent for enchanting. When she turned 74 years old, Melinda left home to see if she could offer her skills in another place away from her gnome family, though she always tries to stay in contact with them.
    Biographical Info: Her light brown hair is usually pulled back in some manner, to keep it out of the way of her work. Her big blue eyes seem to make her look worried or like she’s daydreaming. Silvery white horns sweep back over her head, decorated in delicate silver chains with white gems. Silvery white wings are usually tucked against her back, or hooked by the thumb claw around her shoulders like a cloak. Silvery scales can be seen on her pale skin like little patches here and there. She normally wears her blacksmith attire around town, which consists of black leather and strips of chain mail that breath easily. She normally wears enchanted gloves and bracers to protect herself while she works at the forge. Unlike most normal beings who are part dragon, she doesn’t have claws or shape-shifting powers, but she doesn’t feel like she’s missing out.

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