The Arcanum Tribune – 1st Day of the Year of the Eagle



It’s not often that a reporter gets to be a living part of the first big scoop of the year but as many citizens already know, Arcanum Draconis is far from your average city.  With merchant ships coming and going at all times, it’s no surprise that eventually there would be someone that gets the drive to take something that doesn’t belong to them.  That was the scene less than two miles off the coast of the Isle of Chronus today, shrouded deep in the encompassing mists.

Sources tell our news agency that an unidentified Man-O-War ship assailed the Merchant Vessel ‘Fox’s Run’ today, likely hoping to carry off valuable cargo under the shroud of the dense fog and mists that surround the island.  “We had no clue what was happening at first,” said Captain Thurm, commanding officer of the Fox, “But it didn’t take long to realize that we were taking fire from somewhere.  I remember watching the first volley hit, the wooden shrapnel flying into the air, striking one man or the other.  It took everything we had just to turn the boat away and try to run while we could, but they were relentless.”

“We got the call to head into the fray,” said midshipman Yotom of the Crimson Falcon.  “Commodore had us out of our bunks faster than lightning skipping a shock-stick.  Next thing I knew we was manning steam cannon and prepping for a fight.  Hells, I barely had time to tie my safety line on before we were rockin’ one way or the other.  The gal’s really something else to see when she’s banking like that.”

Thanks to timely intervention from the Arcanum Naval Forces, and the sudden appearance of the King, Lord Regent Ciar Adamyr Karedric, the lives of the Fox’s Run were saved, as well as the ship, and the offending vessel destroyed.

“We are investigating the source of these pirates at this time,” said the reigning monarch, the Lady Regent Kinjita Karedric. “For the moment we have little information to go on but hope that our intelligence network uncovers key information in the next few days from the wreckage and other sources.”

Rumors of a captured pirate’s crewman have gone unanswered today, some stating that the incarcerated was taken to the Dragoneer Keep and kept out of the public eye amidst the chaos of the damage to the city.  When asked about the possibility of a captured member of the attacking ship, guardsmen of the city refused to comment.