To Magus Elemix Dungaroon, Wizard, from Master Magus Gillian Alix, Tribune,

I have been informed that you got into some trouble due to the whole teleportation episode. As you no doubt no by now, I have arranged a multitude of letters of your good intensions and general loyalty to the Guild from a myriad of persons of import and renown. By the time you have gotten this either you have been called by the Quaestoris and have been audited and brought into compliance. I am sorry for that; however, it is better than censure or worse. Please endure it for your sake. It is good to know that Vorn lives. Your loyalty to him is exemplary, despite his mistakes.

I am currently in the East, acting as advisor and guardian of Margrave du Nord, whom you know Roland d’Uzec and who is your sometimes liege. We had a tough go of it recently, but all in all we are fine. Your friend, the Magus Brennic has recovered and is our magical sword paired with my magical shield. I do not believe I will be returning for some time.

Recently I have spoken to my master Aeric Laurens, whom you met in the past year. After some discussion we have decided to reveal some information that you will find interesting and is also part of your education and my commitment to you as per our agreement. With that in mind, I will have a mission for you. When you have an opportunity, please come East and we can meet to discuss it. It is not time-sensitive, but is of interest to you, and to my other protege the Magitrix Emmeline, Witch de Cerisey.

With all that said, I need to introduce you to a concept that has until now not been known by yourself save in rumors. When you can, please journey to my hunting lodge east of Derrien near the village of Guerec. There you will find my sister waiting. You and Emmeline are invited. Please go there before midsummer.

With knowledge as the light of truth,

Tribune Gillian Alix, Master Magus of Sant Guerec

When Elemix finished reading the letter he thought about it and then cast sending to Emmiline. “Received message from Magis Alix. Can you join me at her hunting lodge in 3 days time? Her sister there has information for us both.”

“You can expect me to be there. I have something to discuss with you and Typhon, also,” Em replied.

Four Weeks Later – A Letter from Magus Alix
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