Locations of Thalassa

Calder FallsNorthern outpost of the Barony of Uzec1
UzecCapital of the barony of the same name2Uzec
CeriseyCerisey – Small hamlet of 113 persons, 56 in the village itself with the rest spread out in farms. 34 of the population are children and 15 elderly. In total they have 174 chickens, 35 goats, 14 sheep, 8 cows, and 6 pigs. Most of the village are either farmers or cottagers who help the farmers. They exceptions are Riok (ree-oak) the current reeve, Riok’s wife Rhozenn (a maidservant), a mendicant deacon, a cooper, a chicken butcher, a watchman (sent by the Baron), a plasterer, a cobbler, a woodsman, and a mercer.3
DerrienCapital of the Duchy of Derrien4Derrien looking north
DerrienportPort town for Derrien.4
PrimelBarony and Jocelyn’s home town.6
BrevenDuchy and port city having a decent library and modest Wizard’s Guildhouse, led by Magus Caron.6
ThalassaCenter of the Thalassan Alliance. Thalassa
PortreauxCapital of the County of Portreaux16
AderaCapital of a country of the same name
StoruvanRift Kingdom ruled by a hereditary matriarchy descended from Haalkhan the Conquerer. A strict caste-based culture where slavery is the norm, the city controls much of the trade from the east.
Temple of DreigestDedicated to the unity of the two Norvick gods and the Carian mother goddess.
Cave of the White DragonLocated high above on a great mountain overlooking the Temple of Dreigest.
Broken LandsLand beyond the mountains known as the Hattani Gates filled with monsters, bandits, barbarians, and giants.
CamaretA major coastal city that the party has visited twice now. 24
Places visited.
Thalassa Locations

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