The Tribunal of the North was founded in 448 when the wizards of the Derrien area voted to create their own Guild Covenant, a tower for such, and identity separate from the Breven Tribunal which had grown unwieldy and unrepresentative of the outland wizards who rarely visited the coastal Periphery.

As of January 451, the membership includes the following wizards, companions, and grogs:


  • None

Master Mages:

  • Gillian Alix: Co.Ab, Ex Miscellanea (student pending, two alumni)
  • Océane Calvet: Co.Dv, Criamon (Paige Bernier, 6th Year, no alumni)
  • Sigolene Messier du Cairentan: Co.Cn, Bonisagus (no student currently, one alumni)
  • Médéric Vorn: Co.Ev, Flambeau (no student currently, one alumni)
  • Xayd Xavier: Co.Tr(Art), House Verditius  (no student currently, one alumni)

Journeymen Mages:

  • Abigail Bonhomme: Co.Dv(Dan), Diende
  • Elimix Dungaroon: Co.Ev, Flambeau
  • Emmeline de Garin: Co.Il(Fey), Unaffiliated
  • Skona Hrughandruarr: Co.II, Tytalus
  • Lothiel Nitauriel: Co.En, Ex Miscellanea
  • Pascal Titus: Co.Tr(Alc), House Bonisagus

Apprentice Mages:

  • Paige Bernier, in 5th Year.


  • Tybalt DuMere: Head Redcap, Mercure
  • Giselle Aubrey-Alix: Specialist Redcap, Mercure
  • Belle Bérubé, Mecure
  • Roslyn Miron, Mecure
  • Baptiste Brian, Mecure
  • Bertrand Sauvé, Mecure

  • Renée du Triel, Companion Guard
  • Sir Balian du Cairentan, Allied Knight
  • Nigel Hobsson, Allied Man-at-Arms

Servants & Grogs:

  • Donat Hachée, Head Guard
  • Soren Dionne, Guard
  • Patric des Rosiers, Guard
  • Carolos Courtois, Guard
  • Florus du Val, Guard
  • Manville Cressac, Guard
  • Ray Raymond, Guard
  • Millard Laforge, Smith
  • Pinabel la Berge, Head Housekeeper
  • Nicole Petrie, Servant
  • Carine Paquin, Servant
  • Denise Allaire, Servant
The Tribunal of the North

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