The Dungaroons of Mericourt Ridge

Master: Monsieur Elimix Dungaroon, Magus
Mistress: Madame Amelie Dungaroon

Landlord: Lady Rivanon, Baroness d’Uzec

Housekeeper: Mdm. Estelle Pineau
Groundskeeper: M. Fernand Pineau
Lady’s Maid: Mslle. Eléonore Ballou
Valet: Master Hugues Mercier, son of M. Geoffrey Mercer, Merchant of Gamaché.


Cerisey Manor

Mistress: Lady Emmeline Garin de Cerisey

Landlord: Lady Rivanon, Baroness d’Uzec

Lady of the Wardrobe: Vacant
Lady-in-Waiting: Vacant
Lady-in-Waiting: Vacant
Nurse: Mdm. Beatrice Martineau

Housekeeper: Rowena Riokswif
Groundskeeper: Riok Jacquesson, Steward

Servants: Edmund, Fabian, Danielle, and Pascal Jacquesson


The Vale of Maryswinifar

Witch Matron: Mother Zoe, Druid
Witch Mother: Sister Emmeline, Keeper
Witch Maiden: Sister Mirel, Defender



Households & Circles: Spring 451

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