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    Vincent T

    Name: Vincent Tilos


    Homeworld: Tython


    Race: human
    Jedi temple holo record.


    Admin: Satele Shan


    Subject : Tilos
    Entry 1: an old friend of mine Vara Tilos recently contacted me she’s having marital problems and fears for the life of her unborn son. she also happens to be a nurse one of the best I’ve ever seen. I feel a calling in the force so im bringing her to Tython to assist the temple healers.
    Entry 2: Vara has been here a few months and she has managed to incorporate herself very well here in the temple. the force is swelling around her but she has no concept of it I wonder if is from the baby she’s carrying? Only time will tell.
    Entry 3: twins born minutes apart both powerful in the force! Vara has no idea and i think it’s better that way. She named them Vargas older by 3 minutes and Vincent. They will remain on Tython so i can properly monitor their growth.
    Entry 4: this is more of an indecent report than an entry it’s been 5 years since my last entry and today the Tilos brother have all but destroyed the Gnarls to the north. while on an outing with their mother they were attacked by fleshraiders. Vara was injured protecting the boys…i felt their power awaken it was frightening that it came from children also i fear their awakening will not go unnoticed by the dark council. they killed many fleshraiders and a few of the ancient Jedi statues have fallen as well. After Vara came to she asked for her children to be trained In the ways of the Jedi and we accepted.
    Entry 5: Vargas has gone missing we searched everywhere but can’t find him. Vara hasent slept in days and Vincent is taking it very hard he feels his brothers pain and fear his aura is becoming dark and heavy if it continues he runs a dangeous risk of the dark side. we may have to intervene I seem to remember my ancestor being in a similar situation. Perhaps her records of Revan have a solution.
    Entry 6: the ritual was a success Vincent has no memory of the fleshraiders indecent in the Gnarls or his older brother Vargas. After weeks Vargas is still missing I no longer feel his presents on Tython. Vara has become ill with heart-ach not only has she lost one of her children but she can no longer even bring him up or the mental barriers we placed on Vincent could be broken. I hope we did the right thing.
    Entry 7: Vincent’s training is going very well his Affinity to the force is remarkable and seeing his mother getting weaker has pushed him to accel at force healing abilities. givin time he will become a master jedi healer.
    Entry 8: Vara has passed on. a sad day for all of Tython her funeral service will begin shortly. Her son Vincent now 11 years of age is being placed under the care of Master Shea Ohw a kind and noble togruta. she will be good for him.
    Entry 9: Vincent has completed all trial given to him over the last 3 years he is now 14 and Master Ohw thinks he’s ready for missions off world. the council agreed and sent the Master and her young padawan on his first mission to Tatooine. May the force be with them.


    End of line.
    Personal Journal of Vincent Tilos


    Mission 1: Tatooine.


    My first mission off of Tython was to this big dustball of a planet. We were there to help some farmers that were old fiends of my Master Ohw. While there I befriended the daughter of the farmer her name was Shari. she would show me around help me learn the land and teach me about the history of their farm we became good friends. One day while Shari and i were out we were attacked captured and tortured by Gamorreans. sadly the injuries inflicted were to great and my friend didn’t survive…and that day neither did any of them. I killed them for what they did to her and then carried her lifeless body back to her family home. Her father was devastated and angry demanding my Master and i leave his land and never come back. The Jedi code teaches us not to give into emotion but i feel I will always have hatred for both this planet and the scum that is the Gamorrean race. We’re leaving Tatooine in the morning…good riddance. Goodbye Shari.
    Age: 15
    Mission 2: Taris.


    This planet gives me a strange feeling even to this day. My Master and i were sent to aid the rebuilding effort and defend out posts from these vishious monsters rahk-somethings. Lt Bart Onasii a prominent Soldier was assigned to be our escort. We were here for over 2 years and every day was a battle I got very handy with my lightsaber here. It’s also where my Master contracted a deadly disease that cause this planets current infestation. She asked i help end her life while she was still herself. It was her final order as my Master and the hardest thing ive ever done. My mission on Taris ended with the death of my Master just days before my 18th year.
    Age: 18
    Mission 3: Nar Shaddaa.


    After i left Taris and got back to Tython the council granted me the Rank of Jedi knight deciding the best place for me was in the field fighting for the republic. my first day i was assigned to a team of republic soldiers best part about that was Bart Onasii was the team leader the team even had a nickname they called it “FoxHound”. We fought battle for battle gaining many victories for the republic. we eventually were assigned a rescue mission on Nar Shaddaa. We were sent in to rescue a Special Forces Pilot with important information taking refuge from the Empire. She was the only serviver of a space battle with the empire her mother ship “The StarRunner” had been destroyed and she escaped in her fighter. We found her baracaded in the lower sections of the city and she even shot at us as we approached. shes a spunky Mirialan by the name of Lyor Roths. Both Bart and I liked her from the start she was tough and had a good heart. Our extraction didnt go as smothly as planned.. empirial strike teams caught up with us and we lost a few soldiers only Bart, Lyor and my self made it back to the evac ship. As we got to the ship Lyor entered and preped for take off while Bart and I kept watch on the area. When the ship was ready we returned to Republic command. after debriefing Lyor was assigned to our team, givin a new ship and we were sent back into battle.
    Mission 4 : War & peace.


    A few years had passed “FoxHound” had gained a reputation for getting missions done. i was ordered to return to Tython by the council i was giving the rank of Master and was placed in the Elite Jedi Special Forces “HOLY JEDI ORDER” division under Master Rex’karu.


    My missions with Bart and Lyor were second priority to the missions of this new team but they were allowed to accompany me as assets to the mission. We were placed on the front lines of different War Zones both leading and healing Soldiers.

    One day Master Rex sent me on a solo mission to deep space to investigate a possible Sith instalation.

    There I met a Sith pureblood by the name of Kara and her young apprentice Roxas-Rozen. a battle began but i wasn’t ready for what happened. after that everything changed.
    Dark truths:


    I caused injury with my saber to Roxas that caused him to lose his sight then force pushed the young warrior off a cliff. continuing the battle with the Sith Kara she was a fierce warrior as well..using duel Lightsabers. Her skill was impressive but i eventually subdued her. Then a dark yet familiar presence emerged. as i turned i faced the man I would soon remember as my older brother Vargas. as the battle between Vargas and I commenced the mental blocks the Jedi Council has placed on me began to break down and I began to sense my opponents truer nature. as he began to sense mine. Hours after our fight had begun we both put our sabers down and understood. I had been lied to my faith in the Jedi council betrayed.. A cry came from Kara as she was useing the force to pull Roxas from the bottom of the cliff but she was exausted, we all were but Vargas and i assisted and recovered the boy he was close to death but alive. I used all of my power to try and heal him he’s a tough kid but his mind had been damaged and he wouldnt remember his earlier years for some time. After all the tention had died down we talked as fate would have it Kara was my brothers wife and Roxas was their young ward learning the ways of the force. . After some time in deep space I brought Roxas to Tython with me and upon discovering the “HOLY JEDI ORDER” had been disbanded i decided the best course of action would be to put my Armor and Lightsaber away.


    Its been a few weeks since we began living a peacfull life as a hermits farming the land to keep alive. I spoke with the council when i got back but rather than tell them the truth i told them my time in battle and deep space broke my will power to go on. Roxas and i stay away from the temple, the Council, the Jedi all together and To help avoid any intrusive investigation i took on the appearance of a retired old drunk farmer. Its exhausting pretending to be drunk half the time and then really being drunk the other half. Roxas became restless quickly i think his instincts for battle are making farm life hard for him and i think he’s been sneaking to the temple and picking fights.


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