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    *Post below your enemy! or ideas!*



    An aggressive group of acolytes attempt to impress their Sith Master by taking on and taking out the best Jedi they can find — Temple Knights!

    a.k.a. Lumiani in The Old Republic:



    A “Silent” Knight was walking around a chamber, while remembers the times when he made some missions with the Tarkell Family, then a flashback of him killing a member of his cult and getting out of that Temple. When the Flashback ends, he remain looking himself with his mask as a symbol of shame: “Alive or dead… No difference.” and grabs his Saber Pike igniting it showing that White and Black blade color. Then hears his private comm with a call, turnning of his pike and grabbing his two small shotos, accepts the call and leaves the room.



    A Jedi that is known personally to Aysha has fallen — but no one yet knows. This dark jedi has long secretly been jealous of Aysha and has many times works against her. But now she has crossed the line. She has created an alternate “sith” identity that she now uses to contact the occasional sith assassin. The assassin is well paid to kill Aysha in a way that does not incriminate the dark jedi. For with Aysha out of the way, the path is clear to attain all she has ever wanted…


    Nickname: Lady of Pain (this is the assassin)

    Race: Zeltron Age: low to mid 30s

    Main Weapon: Lightsaber.

    Offhand Weapon: Shockglove

    The Lady of Pain is a sith lord who survived numerous attempts to kill her. A rare, sadistic Zeltron, she is not afraid to use and abuse her pheromones to lull her victims into a false sense of security before she strikes. She has no personal connection to Aysha at all — this is just business. And part of that business is for now to be part of this group who challenges Temple Knights because it may put her in position to take out her target — in return for a substantial reward.

    She is an assassin. But she is not motivated by credits. Her payment is something only she and her employer are aware of. She knows her employer uses the name, *Darth Avriss but she also knows this is not her employer’s true identity. Not that she cares.(edited)

    a.k.a. Lumiani in The Old Republic:


    Kinjita Savanos

    Kinjita’s Enemy Details:
    Name: Ulfran Tamir Race: Human

    Age: 60s

    Class: Sith Influenced Former Jedi Trained by a Zeltron Renegade

    Primary Weapon: Saberstaff (Blood Red Kyber Crystal)

    Secondary Weapon: Uniquely crafted Saberwhip (Essentially a whip with a crafted 4 inch long saber energy arc at the end), Heavy Force Usage

    Backstory: After his failed attempt to coax renegade forces Masquerading as Major Industry personnel to attack the Jedi Temple of V.I. on Tatooine in a bid for revenge on his Neice Kinjita, Ulfran was captured and placed in a V.I. prison complex on Hoth. During the recent incidents with Iokath those prisons failed and he, along with a few other captured forces, escaped. Though most were recaptured, he remained elusive and has been on the run since. His ambitions were ones of Jealous ruin.

    Envious of the accomplishments he saw of his Niece he seeks to prove he is stronger by any means necessary, even if it requires him to ally with those he normally wouldn’t. Nicknamed ‘Crazy Ulfran’ his mannerisms sometimes cause him to be made out to be Schizophrenic but his focus on his objectives seems to suggest otherwise. Though strong in all aspects of the Force he favors Dark Side Use.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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