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    Orora Interrogative

    Name: Orora Interrogative

    Gender: Female

    Species: Human

    Age: 26

    Occupation(s): Jedi Guardian, Jedi Master, High Knight

    Affiliation: Vanquished Illusions, Sith Empire (formerly)

    Homeplanet: Dromund Kaas



    Orora is actually rather fit, due to years of lightsaber combat training and study. Despite her fit frame, she is deceptively strong with the Force in both body and mind. Her hair is a dark brown and her eyes are a light brown. Her skin is slightly tan and she sports a scar above her right eye from a fight with a Mandalorian assassin.


    Height: 5’7”

    Weight: 120 lbs



    In her youth, Orora often had a strong sense of right and wrong, despite her upbringing as a Sith. For her, she never really liked to see people suffer or die before her. Orora was also very protective and loving of her younger brother Tao, even to the point where she had killed their father when he ordered her to kill him. She even cried a bit when she had to leave him with a family on Coruscant to become a Jedi. She never believed in betraying people either. Essentially, she was born on the wrong side. But ultimately, Orora saw that her choice to be a Sith was her own and she chose not to become one by striking down her father.


    She is also shown to be very strong-willed and determined in all she does, especially lightsaber combat. Orora had always been good at lightsaber combat and she prided herself on that trait. Orora also had the tendency of working herself to the bone when training in lightsaber combat, always reaching for her absolute best. During sparring sessions, Orora was shown to hold nothing back whenever she fought someone. She always fought her hardest and rarely pulled her strikes. However, even when she won, Orora didn’t let it go to her head. She always commended her partners on how they fought and always offered advice on how to better themselves.


    Despite her stoic personality, Orora is also shown to be playful, respectful, and affectionate towards those that she cared about or admired. Such was when she met Master Kinjita and her own Master Eidenia Larise. She was also shown to be a very capable Master herself, often supporting her former Padawan’s decisions and reassuring her when she wasn’t sure of herself.


    However, Orora was by no means a perfect person. She INTENSELY hates losing to people in contests, especially when she doesn’t know that person at all. However, when Orora does lose, she does her best to calm down and not let it go to her head. However, Orora does have the tendency to avoid that person, sometimes indefinitely. If it is someone she respects, she doesn’t hold it against them and is able to show good sportsmanship.



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