Humans of Elwynor

Survive… It’s all you can do.

The most prevalent race in these lands, humans showed how adaptable they were during the Days of Silence.  With magic gone, humans learned how to survive.  There was bloodshed and confusion, but in the end, those who survived, became stronger, and prospered. Humans have no racial abilities. However, Human characters start with three Skilled Talents, instead of just one (See Game Rules).

The Elves of Elwynor

Patience is not a curse.

Elves – When Magic disappeared from the lands, elves withdrew from civilization to regroup and try to learn how to live without the Auras the world once provided them.  It was told that a division happened among the elves.  Many retreated deep into the earth, looking for the reason of magics sudden absence.  The few who remained up top, wandered into the Elvyra, or dream lands, never to return to Elwynor. And the remaining, held true to the belief that magic would one day return.  And in that, they took on the responsibility of carrying on the histories and traditions of their people and see the elven race strong again once more in the lands of Elwynor. 

Skill Talent – Athletics

Racial Abilities

  • Elven Sight – Elves just have an ability to see far and clearly in day or night.  If they take one round to concentrate they gain a +2 to Notice when using their Elven Sight.  THis sight does not work in absolute black.
  • Immortal: Elves live forever… At least they can according to legend.  They are immune to any effects which could manipulate their age in any way.
  • Light Sleeper: Elves only need a few hours of sleep to feel refreshed.  Effects, other than poisons, have little effect on elves.  Elf characters gain a +2 to defend again sleep or charm based attacks.

The Dwarves of Elwynor

Dwarves – Dwarves do not embody the Auras as the elves did.  But, they did learn to manipulate it in their workings of magical items.  When magic disappeared, so did the knowledge of such arts.  Feeling vulnerable and hearing that most of the elven kingdoms were questing deep into the earth, the dwarven kingdom withdrew deeper as well.  They also looked for anything that might allow them to reconnect with the lost power.  However, some Dwarves stayed.  Being invested in the world up top, they found themselves in small mining communities and burrows among various hills and small ranges.  Though their ability to craft items of magic we’re lost, their skills in mining and craft were not.

There’s still coin to be made, and ale to share.

Skill Talent – Physique

Racial Abilities

  • Miner’s Way – Dwarves have an internal compass and depth gage.  They can always tell what direction they are going, and how deep they may be.  
  • Resilience – Dwarves are naturally resilient to the effects of the Auras when it is used against them.  Characters gain a +2 to defend against magical based attacks.
  • Heat Vision – Dwarves can turn their gaze to see anything giving off heat.  Dwarves gain a +2 to Notice such things, even in absolute black.  This does not apply to Investigate.