Faith has always been a part of Elwynor.  Though there are diverse races in the world, they all share a common pantheon, though different cultures may worship them with a different name.  

In the end, the stories of the gods and goddesses are similar and are used as life lessons to those in spiritual need.  In all there are five that make up the Elwynor Pantheon

Imhera, Goddess of the sun and all life and birth. 

Nokris, God of the moon, death and renewal. 

Baelia, Goddess of Celebrations, Travel, and Luck. 

Futeus, God of Deceit, Murder, and Power. 

Ombaar, God of Lore, Knowledge, and Craft.

The Lore of the pantheon tells how Imhera and her husband Nokris created the world and it’s circle of life, they bore triplets, two boys and a girl.  Their children gave purpose to the world that their parents created by expanding the pantheon As it has been known in the lands of Elwynor.  


Becoming a devote follower of a particular god can have it’s blessings.  To follow down the righteous path, you must first have an aspect which reflects your total commitment to the deity.    Once you have declared your faith, Faith stunts are available for you to take, costing one refresh each.  Please note that they all follow an order and you must have the prerequisites listed to take more advance faith stunts.  All faith Stunts default to the Will skill.


Blessings of Faith (Requires an appropriate aspect) – You can call upon your deity to bless you and those close by.  Everyone affected by this blessing can take a success with style from any action and place one aspect with one free invoke.  A blessing can only be given once per game session, and it can only work on those deemed worthy of that deity by the one calling for the blessing.

Blessed Bounty (Requires Blessings of Faith) – Once per scene, you can use the power of your faith to bless food and water.  The food and water can keep hunger and thirst away for possibly days.  Each success equals a day the recipient can go without food or drink.

Blessed Intervention (Requires Blessed Bounty) – When the faithful are lost, their deity can help guide them.  Once per session, the faithful follower can make a declaration at no cost, to help them in situations when there seems to be no direction.  

Blessing of the Faithful (Requires Blessed Intervention) – You are so devote to your deity that you gain power over undead and demonic creatures.  When around these creatures, you gain the advantage “My God(dess) Protects me”.  You can invoke this advantage for free whenever you are in the presence of such creatures.

Blessing of Life (Requires Blessing of the Faithful) – You are so connected to your deity that you can call upon their Devine power to heal those around you.  Spend a fate point and with your touch, the target is fully healed. This is instantaneous and can be performed once per scene.  However, keep in mind that if the god or goddess does not dream the target worthy, this will not work, or it will work at a cost to the target being healed. 

The above Faith Stunts can be altered if the situation demands.  For example, the Blessings of Faith can easily become, the Curse of (Insert deity’s name here).  To do so, discuss with the GM how you wish to alter your faith stunt to see how best to apply it to the game.