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    An image of Gwen appears as the record plays…

    I know you will not understand the reasons for my departure from the Temple Knights. I wish Vanquished Illusions a bright future, but it is not one in which I can participate.
    For some time I have wondered if there is something more to life. Something beyond the white and black picture of the Force and all life in the Galaxy that is portrayed by the Jedi Order. As a Jedi, I believed that balance could only truly be achieved by adherence to the Light. That the dark side of the Force was the source of imbalance, chaos, deception, and destruction. I still believe this is true of the dark side.
    But through Ducha Maeve Tarot, I have come to understand there is more to finding balance than what the Light can show me. There are many paths one might take on the journey toward understanding; the teachings of the Jedi are but one path. Maeve has shown me there is another.
    Without ever knowing the Jedi way – or perhaps precisely because she was never influenced by Jedi teachings – the Ducha has uncovered an enlightened path. One in which there is no opposing Force. By joining her Harna’yr be Ranov’la, I am able to find my true destiny.
    We stand against the chaos created by the incessant battle of light and dark. We stand against war. Our sword and shield is Knowledge.
    I hope VI will one day end this meaningless conflict and join us. But until the High Lady and her Temple Knights as well as the Jedi Order of VI ends their violence, the Harna’yr be Ranov’la will stand against you as surely as we stand against the senseless destruction of the sith.


    This is Temple Knight Gwen Heralden signing off for the last time. May the Force be with us all.

    a.k.a. Lumiani in The Old Republic:

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