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    This is an idea I’ve played around with for a little while, and think would be a good way to be able to figure out when to “promote” those in Clan Gra’tua.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to add them.  Keep in mind, at the moment, this is just for those who either are Mandalorian or who wish to become Mandalorian through their character’s story arc.  Eventually I may come up with something for those who wish to be warriors without being Mando.

    Unlike in normal Mandalorian culture, this test would be given at two stages in a character’s career in RoP.  Once when the character is trying for the “Apprentice” (Verd’ika) rank and once for the rank of “Lord” (Ramikad).  The challenges/questions for “Lord” would naturally be more difficult and/or extensive.

    Each test would consist of a ritual “hunt” conducted by the unaided character against an opponent with stats equal to the rank they wish to achieve.  This is set up to “challenge” the character without being entirely impossible (a big part of Mando culture).  It would also include a series of questions concerning topics including basic Mando culture, weapon styles and tactics, and personal information, as well as possibly a few “ritual” style questions.

    The questions I currently have for the Verd’ika Verd’goten are

    1) Name any three parts of the Resol’nare. (Covered in classes given by Men’na if you don’t know them/don’t want to look them up)

    2) Name the two basic classes of hand-held weapons and give a brief description of the abilities of both.

    3) Name some advantages of using multiple weapon styles, such as knowing how to use a combination of ranged weapons, melee weapons, and unarmed combat.

    The fourth question will vary depending on whether or not the character is already a Mandalorian.  For those who are; Give a brief history of you and your Clan.  For those who are not the question will range along the lines of why is it important to you to join Clan Gra’tua and what do you offer (skills).

    5) A hypothetical question designed to give the character a sort of “no-win” scenario as a way to judge whether or not they can be truly trusted in extreme scenarios.  There is no real right or wrong answer to this one, but it may effect how others who are there perceive the character.


    At the beginning of the Verd’goten for Ramikad there are a short series of “ritual” questions, just to give an idea of the character’s previous interactions with others.  They are: Who here (or in the Clan) will speak for you?  Who has seen your strength and courage?  Have any here trained you in our ways?

    The current questions for the trial to reach “Ramikad” are:

    1) Name all six parts of the Resol’nare.

    2) Briefly describe the importance of one of the parts of the Resol’nare (chosen at random by roll generator)

    3) Name three specific types of either ranged or melee weapons

    4) Give a brief description of a part of Mandalorian history (i.e. the Mandalorian Wars or Mandalorian-Cathar issues)


    Another idea associated with this series of trials is that to reach the rank of “Archon” (Jaig Eyes) the warrior must guide another Mando through their “training” to the point where they prove themselves worthy of the title of “Ramikad”.  While similar to the Jedi in VI, this idea is also supported by Mandalorian culture, since young warriors train in a one-on-one style with a parent or other mentor.  It is possible for someone to reach the rank of Ramikad without a mentor, since there are those who join the Mandalorians as adults and never receive training.  However, since the Mandalorian culture places such emphasis on teaching and guiding successive generations, reaching the rank of Archon would not be possible without teaching another.


    As always, any feedback/suggestions are always welcome!

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