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    – Looking for gold among the fire –
    One last gift for the family, how about it?

    • -clones Falkes-

      The feed opens rather abruptly considering the usual military feed allows three to five seconds for static sweeps to occur. A woman’s voice comes out sharply between a series of grunts and thumps, the sound of scuffling boots and glass shattering in the background. Several assorted voice yelling in the distance. Without explanation or warning, this conversation breaks on the Flagship’s PA system.
      {UNREGISTERED FEMALE VOICE:} “Get off me! I’m a doctor Damn-” “-Et off! You! On the other end, you’re in Day-” “You’re in Danger!” “-I said get off me! You don’t kno-” “isten to me!”
      {REGISTERED USER: CP.ALLINA BRIN} “Doctor! Doct-” “Get away from that!”
      {UNREGISTERED FEMALE VOICE:} “They have one of yours already! Hur-”
      At once, there’s an over-bearing crash and the thundering sound of boots clacking against a plasteel floor. From then on there are simply too many voices to keep track of, each shouting over the other. Just as the shouting seems to reach climax, they fade away, replaced by a harried male voice breathing heavily between each word, offering a mumbled apology before closing the line.
      {REGISTERED USER: LT.RASKAR KAPAC} “Apologies for the false signal, Master Jedi.”
      [PUB-CH:000911123] #CLOSED#

    • This noticed surfaced seemingly out of the blue, automatically forwarded to House Seran’s logging system as soon as the words ‘Vanquished Illusions’ appear. Written in informal Huttese, it follows standard bounty format, quick, blunt and approachable.


      To all able bodied hunters reading this message; You are hereby conscripted by the Hutt Cartel to serve as honorary guardsmen and shall be paid as such. Your new master, All Seer Oga Rojada wishes the capture of any and all members of the offending group ‘Vanquished Illusions’, supported by the will of the Cartel. As per galactic standard, Guardsmen who bring forth a Jedi will be paid triple their usual fair, those that bring in a soldier or agent of the group shall receive double, those with leads that prove fruitful, negotiable.

      The word ‘negotiable’ in a Hutt missive is in-itself an unusual step, highly irregular of one of the more tight-pursed members of the Cartel. Below this missive is listed several prominent members of Vanquished Illusions, each with a word printed next to them, Varohk being the only one with ‘Dead’ printed next to his. Lumi, the council, house leaders, they’re all there, even Falkes is listed. It appears the majority of members are still thankfully sitting in anonymity.

      Interested parties are to forward their profiles and ‘current’ hunting licenses on this line. Fees will be dealt with on a notoriety basis.

      Good Hunting.

    • Fantastic! This intensifies the upcoming guild story arc that @Kaigamishiba started!