Strigoi PC. He’s supported by Dorien Green who keeps his secret and poses as Aedan’s sire when needed. Aedan sees Dorien as the model vampire. Aedan uses David as a middleman. He was attracted to Tobias Griffin but made a mistake with him. Otis Kendall also suspects Aedan is more than he seems. Aedan lists Miranda Nai as a friend for whom he feels protective.

Annette Murth
Carthian Movement Consul. Daeva. She leads the largest covenant, though her influence is rivaled by Marguerite LeFlam among Carthians. An elder more than two centuries old.

Bethany Grant
Mortal woman unfortunate enough to have attracted the attention of Hans Goer. Leon noticed her in a crows.

A Kindred middleman who works for Aedan fooled Maread. He is a Mekhet member of the Ordo Dracul.

Dolf and Greta Krieg
Dolf was accidentally killed by Aedan during a feeding gone wrong. Gretta wants revenge for his untimely death.

Dorian Green
Dorian Green

Dorien Green
Consul of the Ordo Dracul (recently wrested from Frederick Jackson), Dottie’s Sire, and poses Aedan’s Sire as well. Dottie and Aedan both view Dorien as the model of Kindred perfection. Dottie in particular has a “mega” crush on him. His current favorite servant/slave is Miranda Nai.

Dottie Kay
Ventrue PC. Dottie is Dorian’s only Childe and she thinks of him as the ultimate vampire. She has a huge, decades-old crush on Dorian. She knows the vampire Marco through the LAPD and she knows he messed with Leon. She left a man named Otis Kendall, who is the son of her old partner (who is now a ghoul), abandoned. Dottie is fascinated by Miranda Nai and wonders what makes this woman so special to Dorian. Dottie finds Karl McKay repulsive.

Elizabeth Good
Leader of the smallest Clan, the Nosferatu. It has no representation in the Senate, no Consul, but if it did, it would likely have been Elizabeth. She is a member of the Lancea et Sanctum. An elder more than two centuries old.

Elle Ross
Elle Ross

Elle Ross Werewolf member of the Life Line Pack controlled by Torvan Gohr. She is his right hand ever since Torvan took over and put in place an hierarchy.

Frederick Jackson
Mekhet (ex) Consul and member of the Ordo Dracul. An elder embraced in the mid-19th century. Now fixed to a chandelier for transgressions in Elysium.

George Uy
A human bent on avenging the death of his brother, Robert.

Gangrel PC. He killed a man named “Tanker” Ted Underwood, a member of the MC Mongols and now a man named Otis Kendall is out for revenge. His role model and Sire is Torvan Gohr, the Beast King.

Hans Goer
Nosferatu member of the Lancea et Sanctum. Allied to Dorien Green. He scares the hell out of most people but especially Leon. He wants something of a mortal woman named Bethany Grant.

Irene Drovsky
Daeva Consul, member of the Lancea et Sanctum. Irene leads the largest clan (by far!) of the city. She is an open rival to Valeria Johns for the coveted position of Mistress of Elysium. Elder of some something like 170 to 210 years old.

Karl McKay
Consul for the Lancea et Sanctum. Nosferatu. Has plans for Marg O’Kelly, niece of Maread. He’s investigated/questioned Maread and tormented Aedan. Dottie finds him repulsive. He also wants something from Miranda Nai. He is well known for pushing the Lancea et Sanctum’s beliefs. He is a bit less than two centuries old.

Mekhet PC. Kasumi is Childe of Valerie Johns, whom Kasumi looks up to. A mortal named Nicholas Jenner is suspicious of Kasumi.



Leon is Maureen Tanner’s Childe and he looks up to her. After accidentally leaving a man named Robert Uy to suffocate slowly in a box during a botched show, Leon found himself being hunted by his son George Uy.  Maroc, a Kindred associated with the LAPD pulled the wool over Leon’s eyes one time. Leon ended up abandoning his former agent, Martin Hamlish – and he hasn’t forgotten that even after all these years. Leon considers Hans Goer a nightmarish person and has noted, in horror, that a woman named Bethany Grant has caught Hans’ attention. Once when Leon meant to gain a ghoul she escaped. Tiffany Black now not only suspects him, but also Maureen.

Lettie Brown
Sheriff in charge of the Director’s Hounds. She is a Daeva Carthian.

A Carthian Daeva associated with the LAPD and known to dottie, fooled Leon.

Maread O'Kelly
Maread O’Kelly

Maread O’Kelly
Mekhet PC. As Valerie Johns’ Childe, Maread looks up to her Sire. Karl McKay wants soemthing from her niece, Marg O’Kelly. The same Kindred has put her under his unpleasant magnifying glass before. David tricked her out of a rare book. She knows Melinda. A mortal named Nicholas Jenner suspects she and Kasumi are not mortals.

Marguerite LeFlam
Director, member of the Carthians. She runs the Kindred side of the city. She is believed to be more than two and a half centuries old, making her the oldest member of the Carthian Movement.

Martin Hamlish
Leon’s former (mortal) agent was abandoned years ago, but Martin is still kicking around and he remembers.

Mary Rahn
Gangrel Consul and Consul for the Circle of the Crone. The Circle seems well hidden. Elder more than three centuries old.

Maureen Tanner
Maureen Tanner

Maureen Tanner
Daeva and Leon’s Sire. Member of the Carthian Movement. She is viewed as the model vampire by Leon. Unfortunately, Leon’s actions has caused a mortal named Tiffany Black to suspect Maureen is not a mortal. Allied to Dorien Green.

Also a Mekhet and member of the Ordo Dracul appears to be David’s partner. She deceived Dottie.

Miranda Nai
Miranda Nai

Miranda Nai
Is Dorien’s current favorite. Aeden feels like a friend and protector toward her and Dottie is fascinated. Dottie wants to know what makes Miranda so special. Karl McKay wants something from her.

Nicholas Jenner
A mortal that saw Maread attack and feed on someone, also suspects Kasumi may be Kindred.

Otis Kendall
Was abandoned when Dottie ghouled his father, who was Dottie’s old partner. Otis is a biker who knew Tanker Ted Underwood and wants to avenge Ted’s murder at Henry’s hands. Finally, Otis suspects Aedan is not what he seems.

Robert Uy
An unfortunate mortal who was left, forgotten, and locked in a box when the stage magician, Leon, panicked at the sight of a large, open flame during a performance. George Uy, related to Robert, is determined to avenge Robert’s rather lonely demise.

Susanna Reed
Consul for the Invictus and member of the Ventrue clan. Survived the Invictus purge when Marguerite came to power 10 years ago. She is something like 140 to 180 years old.

“Tanker” Ted Underwood
Mortal member of the MC Mongols biker gang that was slain by Henry.

Thomas Vanner
Senschal and Ventrue Consul. As Seneschal, Thomas is Marguerite LeFlam’s right-hand man and near-equal. He is also a member of the Carthian Movement. An elder more than two centuries old.

Tiffany Black
A mortal nearly ghouled (she got away) by Leon, she now suspects he and Maureen Tanner are more than what they seem.

Tobias Griffin
Aeden’s “oops” is a beautiful man that suspects what Aeden and Dottie really are.

Torva Gohr

Torvan Gohr
Gangrel Carthian. Called the Beast King due to having taken control of a werewolf pack. He’s Henry’s sire and role model. Elle Ross is his right-hand in the pack.

Valerie Johns
Valerie Johns

Valerie Johns
Mekhet Mistress of Elysium and member of the Invictus. To Maread and Kasumi, Valerie what a real vampire should aspire to be. She is also their Sire. Allied to Dorien Green.

Cast Summary for Endless Nights

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    Robert Uy didn’t suffocate he was just stuck in the box for so long that he was tramatized and could never lead a normal life again. No close spaces to the exstream to the point that he eventually couldn’t live in a house.


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