You dream you can fly but it’s a lie. In your waking moments every atom of your body wears the heavy chains of gravity. A law they say, an unbreakable truth that defines the universe in which we live. You know it’s a childish dream, yet there it is, buried deep in your heart, a wish that you could break these chains and find true freedom. It’s easy to forget that those chains also hold together your sanity.

In your nightmares, you see vampires. It’s an impossible idea that somehow one might cross the barrier between life and death and become … something else. A thing that feeds upon the very life essence of the living. A visceral, real being that yet can exist only at night. To expose it to the light of day is to expose it to the truth and it therefore burns away to nothing like so many “truths” in which we believe with all our being until the day it is examined and found lacking in substance. And yet your soul longs to be unbound from this truth.

In another dream you believe in things that can change shape, becoming something that exists in a place between man and beast. Terrifying, flesh and blood monsters that are all yellow eyes and claws and bloody slaver. The monster knows no morality nor obligation. No rules command the monster. It is you, unbound and set upon the hapless victims of the world. And you know that anyone could become a monster. Changing shape? That’s just changing your mind. Letting go. Becoming. Your soul chills when you realize that monsters are very real. At least they aren’t beasts. Aren’t they?

Somewhere near dusk it’s not so hard to believe that maybe you could fly if you could just remember how, or that a vampire might be watching you with the sadistic amusement of a cat playing with a mouse, or that you might be stalked by something powerful and evil that crouches under the shadowy canopy of a suddenly unfamiliar local park. This is when monsters come out to play.

Welcome to the Edge of Dark: The Endless Night.

Introduction to Edge of Night

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