Endless Nights Characters

NameTypeDescriptionWhere MetSession
Aeden MPCHandsome, slender, long-haired male of Irish descent.Bright Raven Books, Compton Cafe1
Dottie KayPCFBI AgentHollywood Party, Compton Cafe1
Henry SteelePCBiker, founding member of Hells AngelsHollywood Party1
Kasumi KarisawaPCAttractive, small, Japanese. Young woman.Compton Cafe1
LeonPCStage magician, set craftsmanHollywood Party1
Annabelle RossMystery NPCAttractive blonde dancer and actor.Missing1
Hells Angels: Tommy Gun, Barry, and GuySupporting NPCBikersHenry's Garage1
MareadPCStudent, researcherSunrise Apartments2
Charles ReddExtraSeen in a photo as Annabelle's dance partnerA dance club2
Zombie HordeNightmareThe Unquiet DeadSunrise Apartments2
William ChenMain NPCA dead man walking, Chinese-American descentSunrise Apartment (possible) Dreddgate Cemetery (definite)2
Dorien GreenMain NPCElder vampire (Ventrue) leader of the Santa Monica Coterie. 5'9", brown hair, brown eyes, caucasian French. Sire - Aedan and Dottie.Warehouse, downtown L.A., Mansion3
Hans GoerMain NPCBald, wrinkly, elderly looking Nosferatu. Member of the Santa Monica CoterieNot directly met3
Maureen TannerMain NPCThe Starmaker. Daeva, Attractive red-head. Part of the Santa Monica Coterie. Sire to LeonMansion3
Torvan GohrMain NPCSandy blonde, Gangrel. Member of the Santa Monica CoterieHenry's Garage2
Valerie JohnsMain NPCBeautiful brunette and nightclub owner. Mekhet member of the Santa Monica CoterieMansion3
PCs and NPCs
Characters of Endless Nights

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