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    Okay… So, due to some creative feedback I received in the last Council meeting.  I am extending the deadline to the 21st this month.  So, please share your ideas if you have any in regards to armor colors.








    So you’re saying white+ one other color still has a chance to win?



    And if it doesnt win i suggest that to add to the black + one other i suggest for generals that the color is black + gray</p>

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    It’s looking like there will be more colors.  I’ve have a few brainstorming sessions with another member and we may look at squad colors.  Problem is, not everyone will be happy and color dyes may be a bit harder to get.

    We will see!




    Kist Thalren

    Heyo! Throwing my ideas in here.

    In the beginning we had two color palates, one for officers (white base red trim) and troops (white base orange trim). This was extended with the formation of the battalion squads/divisions and colors were decided upon mostly by the squad/division leader with the approval of the CO.

    What I would like to know is would we like to have a command color separation, (with base, ground, and wing receiving their own colors) or a rank defined separation? Both seem to have been suggested here, and both have their own advantages. I would however recommend NOT combining these choices, as that leads to a bit of a color free-for-all and it seems like most of us would like to be more uniformed in appearance.

    Rank Based Colors

    Advantages: Fewer colors create a more unified look within the battalion. Rank difference is easily identified. Limits the number of dyes needed, therefore reducing overall cost.

    Disadvantages: Less able to differentiate between Command branches.  Less unique appearances in the ranks.

    Recommendation: If we go with this option, recommend allowing players to show their uniqueness in their uniform with their clothing. Players, especially RP players, like to feel like they have their own identity even within a structured group. For example: Allow all players to pick whatever helm they like (within reason.)

    Command Based Colors

    Advantages: Gives each command their own unique look. Allows each group to choose colors they like. Gives players some control over their appearance within the overall group by allowing votes on colors. Command branches immediately recognizable.

    Disadvantages: Less uniformity among troops. Officers less recognizable at first glance.

    Recommendation: If this route is chosen, Rank tags should be displayed on all characters to help with the lack of visual identifier.

    On Colors in General:

    As for the colors overall, I do prefer the white base. I’m a traditionalist that way haha. Regardless of what direction we decided to go on with the colors, I think that having a single color unifier among everyone, weather that’s base or trim, will help with the uniform appearance of the Battalion.


    I like the command based option. A twist though, We could have one color to designate rank and the second color represent the command/ That would give continuity among ranks so they are easily identifiable and also the command they belong to..


    Kist Thalren

    The unfortunate caveat there is we jump from having three to four color schemes to needing six or seven. Not all the dyes are craft-able or affordable for all players, some dyes are restricted to certain vendors with issues like reputation or subscription status. Basically the more dyes we involve, the more expensive and less uniform everything becomes.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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