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    Kist Thalren

    After Action Report: Operation Hightower


    Mission objective was to establish a defensive buffer zone between 331st controlled Forward Operating Base and Cult controlled territory on Ishanna V. Main objective was to capture lost defensive positions, which included two towers.


    Colonel Kistlakahn Thalren gave a mission briefing and issued orders. Ground forces, acting as the vanguard, were to move on foot and punch a hole through the enemy line, securing the first objective. 331st reserve forces were to move in and secure the area after Ground vanguard forces took the objectives. Wing forces were to fly overwatch and neutralize any air based counter attacks.


    Ground Forces included Colonel Thalren, Sgt. Spazz’ee, Colonel Irisviel, and Specialist Micemis. Wing Forces were lead by designated Blue Leader Lt. Erick Von.


    Ground Vanguard broke through enemy ranks and destroyed the elite battledroid left to guard the first defense tower. Wing forces detected and intercepted enemy fighters sent to reinforce the enemy defenders. Reserve forces moved in to secure the first objective. Ground vanguard forces moved to the second position. They encountered a heavily armed enemy APC. Ground vanguard forces damaged the APC minimally while Blue Squadron and Lt Erick finished engaging enemy air support. Lt. Erick was able to destroy the APC and Ground vanguard forces were able to capture the tower. The mission was an overall success.


    331st forces continue to gain ground on Ishanna V. A final assault is imminent. Colonel Thalren recommends requisitioning aid from both the VI Jedi Order and VITALS agents for that purpose.

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