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    Kist Thalren

    After Action Report for Operation: Police Brass


    Mission objective was to act on pertinent intelligence regarding an illegal arms dealer ship that was downed. Primary objective was to capture and neutralize enemy combatants. Secondary objective was to seize any and all weapons and equipment present.


    Event Timeline:

    Colonel Kistlakahn Thalren gave a mission briefing and issued orders. Ground forces were to move on foot to the downed ship. Wing forces were to fly sentinel and intercept any rescue ships.
    Ground Forces included Colonel Thalren, Colonel Irisviel, Sergeant Major Ashwylen, Sergent Marcellus Aurellius, Sergeant Framework, Private Lana Del’ray, Private Liorilia Watcher.
    Wing Forces were represented by Lt. Erick Von Kentucky.
    Ground Forces landed and discovered downed enemy space craft abandoned. Several successful signal scans allowed Private Lana Del’ray to deduce the location of hostile forces.
    Ground Forces held on the outskirts of enemy territory. Sergeant Major Ashwylen, Sergeant Aurellius, and Private Del’ray were assigned as Recon.
    Recon was detected but were able to readjust and were not taken by surprise. Engagement order was given.
    Lt. Kentucky detected one heavily armored transport exiting hyperspace. He engaged the enemy as ordered.
    Enemy ground forces were neutralized. Several enemy combatants were taken captive.  Lt. Kentucky continued to engage the transport.
    Lt. Kentucky observed massive ship signatures exiting hyperspace. Dozens of unknown enemy ships of various models moved to protect the transport and were moving towards Ground force landing zones.
    The evacuation order was given. All troops retreated successfully. Primary objective was completed. Secondary objective failed.
    During debrief, Sergeant Major Ashwylen recommended Private Del’ray for a marksmanship commendation

    Although on paper the mission was successful, we have stumbled upon a bigger issue. Recommend making the identification of this unknown force a high priority. Colonel Thalren will lead the inquiry personally. Recommend working with VITALS to get additional information.

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