Greeting Message from Ducha Maeve

A message that appears on the datapad of all new students follows.

Welcome to the Keepers of Secrets.

If you have found your way here, you have joined a special, secret organization in which you can grow in knowledge, personal power, and wisdom. You may be adept in the use of the Force or a beginner, a Mandalorian commando,  or a contractor. Whatever your role, you are a valued membered of our team.

Our homeworld is Tarot IV, of the star system of the same name, nestled within the Transitory Mists that ring the Hapes star cluster. We are part of the glorious empire ruled by her Majesty, the Queen Mother. The borders of Hapes, and our beloved Tarot IV are closed to the galaxy at large. You, however, have the right and the freedom to travel to and from Tarot IV and the rest of the galaxy as part of a quest for knowledge. You may be the knowledge seeker, or you may be one who protects the seeker, or a contractor that aids the seeker in navigating the galaxy and finding what she seeks.

The Keepers are about the preservation of knowledge untainted by bias, superstition, or tradition. We are not Jedi nor Sith. We follow the destiny the Force has provided us, be it a dark and dangerous path, or one lit by light and knowledge. Knowledge is power. Whether you are a force adept, contractor or mandalorian, knowledge will make you stronger. It will break the bonds the galaxy has placed on you. And with it you can achieve greatness.

The Keepers will provide you the tools you need to enable your success. Together we shall lay the foundations for a new future untainted by the shadows of arrogant Jedi or treacherous Sith.

–Ducha Maeve Tarot

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