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    Position: Engineer, Xenotechnology Specialist
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Species: Cardassian
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth:
    Age: 31
    Place of Birth: Lakat, Fourth Provence, Cardassia Prime
    Height: 5’4″
    Weight: 147 LB
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: Black
    Family: None
    Education: Starfleet Academy (4 years), Starfleet Engineering Corps. (2 years)
    Service Record: Rank: Lieutenant, 5 years on Deep Space 12

    Cochrine Medal of Excellence
    Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry
    Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon
    Starfleet Medal of Valor

    Background Story: Thassa Rel’vere was the daughter of one Gul Saret, who died in a confrontation with the Klingons during the Dominion Occupation. Thassa, at young teenager at the time, had ejected her lifepod unpowered and masked her lifesigns while she watched her fathers ship be torn apart, then waited for the Klingons to leave. She piloted the tiny craft to Deep Space 9, taking roughly two weeks to reach her destination. Malnourished and dehydrated to the point of death, Dr. Julian Bashier was able to revive her after days in a comatose state, to which she immediately requested asylum.

    The political outrage that occurred due to Thassa’s request never happened. She had no family left, no friends, no one to turn to except her saviors, Starfleet. And thus, she attended Starfleet Academy (after 4 denials), then Starfleet Engineering Corps. where she excelled in xenotechnology and engineering.

    She was stationed on Deep Space 12 as Xenotechnology Specialist where she was able to reverse engineer much of the technology to be compatible with Starfleet, much of the technology used during the Iconian War came from this stations researchers. When the Iconians attacked Earth Spacedock, Qo’nos and other planets, they had also targeted DS 12, to which Thassa was able to rescue 37 of the 40 stationed there on a unique vessel she had ‘imprinted’ accidentally, and combated the Iconians until support arrived.

    Thassa now awaits reassignment after passing her psychological profiling for stress and PTSD.

    Personality Profile: Lieutenant Rel’vere is an intelligent woman and good officer. She has a rather aggressive attitude, typical of Cardassian females, and often ends up in arguments or altercations, however her abilities and knowledge make her an asset to Starfleet. She has a spotty record, having been passed up for promotion four times due to disobeying direct orders and have several demerits on her file, however, she has been awarded several medals due to her decisions and bravery. She is often untrusted by her peers due to her species’ reputation, which, unfortunately, is the root of many of her altercations and drives her need to prove herself.

    Physical Profile: Typical Cardassian features, scaly grey skin, blue eyes, neck ‘fans’, hardened feminine voice, light but attractive frame and features

    Special Notes: Thassa has ‘imprinted’ with a destroyer class organic ship much smaller than a Defiant class she calls ‘The Polaron Express’, a play on an Earth movie she has come to enjoy and a testament to it’s power signature. She prefers Earth cuisine, rather loud music from the 20th to 21st century ranging from Earths greatest classical’s to genres labeled ‘heavy metal’ and ‘dubstep’ and can often be found working with such music while running simulations or spending long nights working. She has a fascination with technology of all types, and has been told that it’s Cardassian females that rule the sciences, thus attests her genius to this.

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