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    Kinjita Savanos

    Position: Commanding Officer 331st Expeditionary Fleet
    Rank: Fleet Admiral
    Species: Half Orion / Half Betazoid
    Gender: Female
    Date of Birth: Stardate 51535.89 (Approximately July of 2374)
    Age: 36
    Place of Birth: Orion, Othikar Province
    Height: 5’3″
    Weight: 175 Lbs.
    Eye Color: Green
    Hair Color: Orange / Red
    Family: Sister (Delorma Parr – Deceased)
    Education: Starfleet Academy – Graduating Class of 2388, Specializing in Tactics and Operative Security as well as Command
    Service History:
    U.S.S. Athos (Miranda Class) – 2388 (Ensign, Helmsman)
    U.S.S. Athos (Miranda Class) – 2388 (Lieutenant J.G., Junior Security Officer)
    U.S.S. Gallaway (Galaxy Class) – 2390 (Lieutenant, Operations Officer)
    U.S.S. Gallaway (Galaxy Class) – 2391 (Lieutenant Commander, Operations Officer)
    U.S.S. Fairmount (Odyssey Class) – 2393 (Commander, First Officer)
    Starbase 93 – 2395 (Commander, First Officer)
    U.S.S. Atlas (Odyssey Class) – 2396 (Captain, Commanding Officer)
    Starfleet Academy – 2401 (Rear Admiral, Instructor Tactics and Security Operations)
    Starfleet Operations – 2403 (Admiral, Assistant Director Starfleet Security)
    Starfleet Operations – 2407 (Vice Admiral, Ambassadorial Duties, Bajoran Sector)
    Starfleet Operations – 2410 (Fleet Admiral, C.O. 331st Expeditionary Fleet, Alpha Quadrant Representative to Starfleet Council)
    Decorations: 16 Starfleet Medals of Commendation, Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Galantry, Legion of Honor, Grankite Order of Tactics, Christopher Pike Medal of Valor, 2 Starfleet Awards of Valor, Starfleet Silver Palm (2 Clusters), Star Cross, Karagite Order of Heroism, 2 Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbons, Starfleet Medal of Honor

    Background Story: Born on Orion to her mother out of wedlock, Sira, then Marimi Parr, was quickly hussled at an early age into the Orion Slave Trade and passed from owner to owner until the age of seven. Aboard a freighter, the ship struck a gravitic mine, most hands on board lost. Only those in the rear compartments of the ship, mostly owned slaves, were recovered by a Starfleet Vessel four days later when the remaining life support aboard the ship was nearly depleted. With her original owners lost, and Starfleet’s stance on slave trade paramount, Marimi and the other refugees were taken to Earth to be re-processed into new homes. Placed with Rina and Olvar Rajari, she was renamed to Sira by her adoptive parents on Earth. It was quickly discovered that her biology was actually half betazoid, likely from her father. She developed empathic capabilities, but also displayed an unusually keen intellect, able to learn lessons in primary classes quickly. Due to her advanced age, and advanced maturity from her Orion blood, Sira entered Starfleet at the age of 10 (equivalent age in humans would be around 20) and excelled in Operations, Security Detail work and Tactical Excercises. She would graduate with honors from the Academy at the age of 14, technically one of the youngest trained Starfleet personnel recorded outside of an Okampan.

    During her career she quickly distinguished herself in many different scenarios. After the destruction of Romulus due to the Hobus Supernova, The Romulan Star Empire was in upheaval and Starfleet had to increase it’s broder security in order to make sure that refugees could be taken in, as well as remnant factions of the Star Empire didn’t attempt to take advantage of the chaos to cross the border to cause problems. Though the Athos was a small, older ship, Sira’s strategic capabilities allowed her to efficiently manage to keep the Athos out of the line of fair in several encounters with rogue Romulan ships. She was also instrumental during boarding scenarios where the ship was boarded. This earned her a place in the ship’s security teams.

    After two years, and 3 commendations and the Karagite Order of Heroism, Sira was transferred to a Galaxy Class ship called the U.S.S. Gallaway. By 2390 the Romulan Republic had established itself and border patrols no longer were needed as heavily. The Gallaway was originally sent to the Alpha Quadrant to deal with True Way factions causing problems for Deep Space 9, Bajor, Ferenginar and several other allied systems. Sira’s stint as Operations Officer allowed her to quickly gain insight on the day to day operations of a Starship as well as efficiently handle concerns relating to sectory security by way of a new set of subroutines to track ship movement in and around the hectic area of space known as the Badlands. This would earn her the first cluster in the Starfleet Silver Palm

    Sira was later transferred to the U.S.S. Fairmount which would remain in the sector, assigned as it’s first officer. Through several incidents she distinguished herself in tactical encounters between the True Way Cardassians, as well as the Breen operating out of the Deferi sector of space. For quick thinking and sound judgement, as well as saving the lives of a fleet of Deferi ships traversing sectors between worlds totalling over 18000 personnel, Sira was awarded Starfleet’s Medal of Honor, The Pike Medal of Valor and the Star Cross.

    Transferring aftwards to Starbase 93 as it’s first officer to help in stabilizing the Deferi Sector, Sira quickly developed a raport with the people of the sector in communications alongside her commanding officer. She was awarded most fo her remaning commendations as well as the second of her clusters in the Silver Palm. This would also end her first extended tour during the Deferi Conflict.

    As a reward for her years of service with distinction, Sira was promoted early to Captain and given command of the U.S.S. Atlas, an Odyssey class starship. She spent several years as it’s commanding officer before it was destroyed in the Iconian Conflict. This earned her the second of her Extended Tour Ribbons and the Karagite Order of Heroism during the Iconian War.

    Sira would later serve as an instructor at Starfleet Academy specializing in new Security and Tactical procedures, as well as assistant director of Starfleet Security and an Ambassador to Bajor before their entry into the Federation. She only recently gained the rank of Fleet Admiral and now serves as both the Alpha Quadrant Representative to Starfleet Council as well as the Commanding Officer of the 331st Expeditionary Fleet

    Personality Profile: Sira is often seen as a compassionate person, but also stern when needed. Years of training, combat and peacetime operations have given her a well rounded personality that exudes confidence, tempered with wisdom.

    Physical Profile: Sira’s most prominent feature is her Green Skin as part of her Orion heritage, tinted slightly lighter than normal due to her Betazoid blood. She stands tall, yet full figured.

    Special Notes: Sira is Empathic and is able to pick up on emotions in conversation, though the range of that empathic ability is limited.


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