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    Kinjita Savanos

    ((Below is a Template used for Romulan Republic Officers.))


    REPUBLIC DOSSIER FILE: (The full proper name of your character)
    Position:  (Example: Engineer, Chief Engineer, etc. Your character will likely not start off as the Chief of one’s department.)
    Rank: (Example: Sublieutenant, etc. Please make sure that you are checking the database section for the equivalent Romulan Republic Rank to match the Starfleet Rank within the fleet)
    Species: (This should match your race in game)
    Date of Birth:
    Place of Birth: City, State/Prov, Country (if applicable), Planet
    Eye Color:
    Hair Color:
    Education: (A list with years and place of education. Example: XXXX-XXXX: Acadmy/Intitute/etc. Romulans often received training from various resources of the Republic so be as detailed as you can be in where you received your training from)
    Service Record: (A list with date-date: rank, department, location. Example: XXXX-XXXX: Ensign, RRW Example. There is no exact amount of years to gain rank, but it is considered that it would be from two to five years for an officer to gain the next rank. Try to be realistic with the years between promotions.
    Decorations: (Optional. A listing of the decorations that your character has ever received throughout his or her or it’s career, or even during education. Example: XXXX: Name of Decoration/Medal/Award)

    Background Story: (The factual life story of your character thus far. This is the main historical background on your character, usually the longest part of the biography and most important. Be as subjective or objective as you like.)

    Personality Profile: (Optional) (This section describes your character’s psychological profile, what they’re like in general. You dont need this to start but it can be helpful to think about what would go here)

    Physical Profile: (The full physical description of your character, be as detailed or as concise as you’d like to be here.)

    Special Notes: (Optional) (This optional section can contain any additional notes about your character that you consider important. If your character is a vegetarian, for example, you can put that information here if you didn’t specify it in the Background or Personality Profile)


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