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    Shiko Eisblut

    Name: Shiko Eisblut

    Race: Isibian

    Class: Wartac: ((War tactician)) the Wartac is a class specializing in typically two specific weapons, a single class of magic and above all, tactical prowess and book smarts. shiko focuses all of his combative based training on single swords and spear fighting and general ice based magics

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown

    Height: 6’0″

    Weight: 200lbs

    Hair Color: Black / White when in true form

    Eye Color: Ice blue / Yellow when in true form

    Family History: Nofir & Illium(Father/Mother): Unknown Status

    Held Titles: N/A


    Character History: Shiko was born far off in a diferent galaxy on the planet Ibis Nix. the system they lived in was home to shikos race which were concidered owl demons, humanoid species of owls. while he was a child, the governing head of the planet gathered some 2 million children including shiko, and launched them across all spans of the universe with small numbers of 2 scientists per shuttle to regulate the childrens life and growth. some 800 years later, with scientists entering and exiting cryostasis to be able to see the mission through, shikos shuttle finally reached its destination on a strange planet named llia.  shiko spent some 500 years growing his normal life cycle with the help of the scientist humans that accompanied him, using his longevity to teach himself all he would need to live on his own. shiko would study under some of the greatest Ice mages on the planet, and with warriors all around but most importantly he would always make ample room to practice and read up to become smarter. shiko became one of the smartest and most kunning tactical warmages known. however one thing was left to do. among the countless years of studying books and history and events in llia, shiko had been unable to solve the greatest of mysteries hed come across. books depicting a “fantasy” land that existed as an island outside of time itself on the planet. shiko spent about 10 more years studying everything he could find about the island world of chronus. finally he had found it. rumors spread like widefire and eventually caught his ear that a special airship would always leave and dissapear off the charts of any radar systems of the time. a possibility that shiko wouldnt let pass. he would set off, travelling around the country, eventually reaching the dock point of the airship he had heard about. setting off into the massive seas to hopefully put a rest to this last mystery.


    Biographical Info:

    Human form: Shiko stands at 6 foot tall in his human form, featuring pale skin and icy blue eyes. typically he is found wearing either a set of black cerimonial samurai clothes, or a light grey fade to rune blue hakama and matching haori jacket with his torso and hands typically covered in bandages.

    True Form: Shiko has a “true” form in which he takes on the form of an anthromorphic Owl in white color. in this form his height doesnt change however his eyes become golden. he will continue to wear his clothing but will be able to fly and will have access to special techniques related to this form

    “in all instances of shikos apperance he wears a special necklace that is white and sometimes glows blue”

    //Combative Info\\


    1) Ebony Zero: A sword crafted from a mixture of meteorite and ebony ores which features a sleek slightly curved saber design for quick and fluid strikes. the blade can channel and r store shikos magical energy allowing him to secretly have a set amount of energy on back up if needed.

    2) Vibrato pike: a unique pike made from vibranium ore which allows it to absorb vibratory or kenetic energy and store it, making the weapon far harder to destroy, if the pike would be broken, it could cause an explosive kenetic force as it releases all stored energy.

    3) Shiko’s Trinket: a special opal colored crystal that can glow blue in situations. the crystal absorbs the heat out of the surrounding area and also from magics that have heat, weakening the attacks by about 25% (or higher for weaker spells) and then converting the heat into magical power for shiko to use. the gem can store up to 100% of shikos base magic and will glow light blue when full.


    1) Ice/Snow Magic: Shiko has spent countless centuries studying the magical category of snow or ice and has mastered the art to a perfect form. he is able to conjure blizzards with the wag of a finger.

    2) Longevity: while not technically a power per say, shikos race have unnatural longevity of natural lifespans, 1000 years old to a human, would only equal about 10 years to the Ibis.

    3) Linking Sense:  shiko can alter all of his senses to be that of other owls around him, allowing him great advantages by being able to get birds eye of battlefields.

    4) Feather Magic: Accessable only in his true form, feather magic is a magic that allows shiko to create endless amounts of feathers from his body, these can be used like darts stong enough to dent and eventually puncture steel armor. he can also use the feathers to cast a sleeping spell, and can release innumerable ammounts of feathers into a storm like fashion to distract the opponent and cast an illusion of shiko disappearing indefinately (escape tactic)

    5) Silent movement: in his true form shikos body produces almost no sound at all due to his owl feathers masking all movement dont by shiko.

    6) Super Hearing and Sight: like other owls, in his human form (and moreso his true form) shiko has a super human level of hearing and a unique nocturnal perception that allows him to see in the dark far easier than others.


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