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    Shiko Eisblut

    Name: Iokul

    Race: Ibisian

    Class: FrostCore Engineer:

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown

    Height: 5’9

    Weight: 182lbs

    Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Eye Color: Gold

    Family History: Skadi/Boreas ((Mother/father))

    Held Titles: N/A

    Character History: Character History: Iokul was born on the planet Ibis Saburra within the Ibis galaxy. like other planets, Ibis saburra is unique in that its members are the most technologically advanced og the ibisian race. they utilise steampunk styled crafts and ancient technologies and magics thqat produce steam for thier constucts. and following in their footsteps Iokul himself would also take up the studies and practices of ancient steampunk technology and other technologies not often seen. Iokul was a part of a massive galactic wide mission of the ibisian race to send thier offspring across the universe to spread thier influences. those from the ibis saburra planet would specifically be tasked to learn of new technologies to send home, or aid in other races advancements of technology as well. Iokul was sent off to the planet auros which neihbors ilia, a planet void of any landmass oother than deserts and water. at some point Iokul would recieve a call from another ibisian, shiko, with a request to come to his location. Iokul would recieve the coordinates of the airship that could get him to the arcanum, and would be left a small pack of goods, a ticket and a scrap piece from what he could expect his job to be. soon later he would make way off to the planet ilia and down to the coordinates given. gathering his present and setting off to arcanum.

    Biographical Info: Iokul is of slender but built tone and he is always seen in steampunk attire

    -Chain Sicles: Iokul’s melee weapons of choice which when used, have long 10-20ft chains wrapped around the forearms attatched to the sickle handles. he will typically use the chain feature to board a ship and just use the sickles to fight.
    -FrostCore RivetShot: the first weapon created by Iokul from his own unique frostcore line of technology. this weapon condences gold air and then hyper blasts it to send a rivet spike towards the enemy at high speeds. while the projectile is far slower than a typical steam rifle. its hits can cause far mor damage, easily damaging armor, and in some instances, completely tearing limbs off. the rifle can only fire a max of 5 rivets, before needing to go into a warming period, since each shot applies frosted air to the gun.
    -FrostCore Goggles: Iokul’s own unique goggles that contain a hidden head light for working in darker areas, and inner lights to allow others to see his face in the dark. the mask thogh typically has a frosted look around the edges for unknown reasons.
    -FrostCore rebreather: a special rebreather from Iokul’s FrostCore tech. the rebreather allows for immunity to airborne disease/poisons, and breathing underwater, when exhaling, the air exhaled is chilled to the point of seeing Iokuls breath
    -FrostCore Mask: a working tool Iokul crafted to cover his full face when doing more labor intensive repairs on tech like weilding. the eye holes have a layer of deeply tinted clear material that allows him to see safely when burn weilding, a canister rebreather is built in protecting him from airborn gasses and such and when breathing his breath is visable from both canisters as his breath gets chilled.

    -Forst magic: Iokul was a unique case in his strain of the ibisians, instead of the normal steam based magics other Ibisian sabarras have, he instead had frost based magic, which is like a cold steam, not fully ice based but not steam either. he uses frost magics to slow others, power his unique line of tech, and uses it withsome other applications.
    -Longevity: while not technically a power per say, Iokul’s race have unnatural longevity of natural lifespans, 1000 years old to a human, would only equal about 10 years to the Ibis.
    -Linking Sense: Iokul can alter all of his senses to be that of other owls around him, allowing him great advantages by being able to get birds eye of battlefields.
    -Feather Magic: Accessable only in his true form, feather magic is a magic that allows Iokul to create endless amounts of feathers from his body, these can be used like darts stong enough to dent and eventually puncture steel armor. he can also use the feathers to cast a sleeping spell, and can release innumerable ammounts of feathers into a storm like fashion to distract the opponent and cast an illusion of Iokul disappearing indefinately (escape tactic)
    -Silent Movement: in his true form Iokul’s body produces almost no sound at all due to his owl feathers masking all movement dont by Iokul.
    -Super Hearing and Sight: like other owls, in his human form (and more so his true form) Iokul has a super human level of hearing and a unique nocturnal perception that allows him to see in the dark far easier than others.

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