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    Name: Qiuversta Yril’Lysaen

    Alias: Justice Qiuversta

    Age: 1359

    Gender: Intersexed Female

    Species: Drow

    Country of Origin: Unknown.

    Birthplace: Unknown, was found by Justice Eustace Fargo outside a temple. She was raised by Eustace Fargo.

    <strong style=”line-height: 1.5;”>Family History<span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>: Justice Eustace Fargo, Adoptive Father – Dead.</span>

    Held Titles: (As assigned within Arcanum)

    Class: Justice (A Justice is more akin to Figher/Ranger/Rogue. Ranger in that all Justice’s are able to track a foe down and investigate a crime scene, and figure out who could’ve committed the crime, as well as being accurate with a bow and arrow. They lack the spells of a TRUE Ranger. They have the Rogue talents of being able to pick locks and be stealthy, as well as being able to take sneak attacks. They can also fight with almost any weapon and are experts of armed combat just like a Fighter.)

    Language(s): Drow, Undercommon, Common, Elvish, Celestial, Draconic.

    Native tongue: Drow

    Religion: Tyr and The Law.

    Height: 6’6″

    Weight: 210 lbs.

    Eye Color: Red

    Hair (color and length): White hair that has been yellowed through exposure to the sun from several decades of being on the surface. She mostly has her long hair pulled out of the way of her eyes to help her fight, with it reaching her lower back even.

    Skin (Color/complexion): Flawless complexion with dark Obsidian colored skin

    Figure/build: Her body has a lithe allure to it that belies her natural strength through decades of fighting in full plate armour.

    Currently lives: The open grounds as she just moves from town to town depending on what she wants.


    Hobbies: Flirting with gorgeous women, Making the world a better place, Taking criminals down, helping out with charities and the other such services.

    Talents/Skills: Was trained in the ways of being a Justice by her mentor/father-figure, Justice Eustace Fargo. Fargo trained her in the art of swordsmanship, archery, unarmed combat, equestrian, mounted combat, detective skills, intimidation skills, hostage negotiation skills, understanding the laws of all the lands in the world of the Goodly races.

    Strengths: Interrogation, Fighting, Being the LAW!, being intimidating enough to make some criminals actually just turn themselves in.

    Weaknesses: Because of her occupation as a Justice, she has a hard time letting criminals off if there are outside circumstances that prevent the criminal from being arrested.

    Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous.

    Drinker: Never while on duty, will have a few drinks off duty.

    Pet peeves: People with diplomatic Immunity, Nobles/Guardsmen that make up new laws to make life hell for the people in their city.

    Education:Was trained in the laws of the land in every country and town for decades till she was able to rattle them off at a whim, trained detective and fighter.

    Personality Traits:
    When on the clock, she is the personification of the Justice in all ways for she gives off an air of cold-calculated and emotionless that does everything she can to be a beacon of law and order in a rather chaotic world. She will try any criminal she finds breaking a law in plain view, BUT isn’t a fan of killing a criminal if they are shown as non-violent. She gives the criminals a choice, co-operation will result in a prison term; violent resistance will generally result in a brutal take-downs. But the second you endanger another person with your resistance, she will kill that criminal on the spot. Now to say she’s an absolute black-and-white type person isn’t accurate as she has been known to use legal loopholes to help out citizens if the crime was more out of desperation or grief (EX: Stealing food to feed you’re starving family, you get community service in a kitchen so you can GET food for your family.)

    When she is off the clock, she becomes an almost entirely different person as she becomes more expressive with her emotions and will actually crack jokes and the likes. She’s a fun-loving person that just enjoys life on the surface and away from the perverse culture of the Drow, free to love who she wants and live as she see’s fit. She WILL still obey the laws but won’t actually go an arrest someone if they commit a crime when she’s not in ‘Justice-Mode’.


    Weapons/Offensive equipment: A massive flamberge sword with an intricately designed hilt in the shape of a vampiric skull, made out of the skull of the first criminal she ever took down as a Justice. She also has on her person a dark-elm longbow that is easily a good 4 feet in length and a magical quiver full of  arrows adorning her right shoulder. The magic of the quiver allows her to make any arrow inside it to any of the following with but a word: Exploding arrows, Homing Arrows, Flaming Arrows, lightning arrows, ice arrows, acid arrows, arrows the create a bright flash of light and a deafening echo to incapacitate anyone and normal arrows

    Items/Defensive equipment/Misc: She has a set of full-plate armor that she wears almost all the time for she has not other real clothes as well as a metallic helmet that covers every part of her face bar her mouth. She also carries on her person 3 sets of handcuffs and manacles; Several health potions; A detective’s kit which contains a variety of lenses, brushes, and tools designed to help her get the most information out of a crime scene; and finally a Justice Badge that is made with a bizarre gold-like metal that is uniquely attuned to her Qiuversta’s soul, that should anyone try to move 5 feet away from her person will be electrocuted by magical means.


    History: Not much is known about Qiuversta’s origins as she was found on the surface by the Justice Eustace Fargo as a baby, the only info about her inside the cradle she was laid in a note with her name in Common. She was raised by Fargo as his own daughter in the city of _ as a normal girl, the fact that she was a drow not even a concern for she never lived in the Underdark or lived in the drow culture. She was trained from a very young age to follow in the footsteps of Fargo to become the next Justice, as the old grizzled Justice saw in her the makings of the best the world has ever seen. Through the next 20 years of her life she was trained rather furiously and brutally while learning several skills that would better help her in her life, she was made into a brutal machine of Law and Order the likes of which the world has never seen. As she reached her 21st birthday (3 days before when she was found by Fargo) she was given her Justice gear, a joyous occasion that made Qiuversta burst into happy tears before a massive band of mercenaries that had previously been harassed by Fargo interrupted the party. During the fight a lone arrow pierced her adoptive father and mentor’s heart, killing him on instantly. As the only family she ever knew lay dead on the floor, a roaring rage overflowed Qiuversta as she just single handedly slaughtered the entire troupe in a blur of motion. Afterwards the room was covered in their entrails and painted red with their blood as Qiuversta noticed the wounds adorning her entire body, she gave her father a proper funeral as she just wanders the land now as a Justice of the land.

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