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    Name: Gwen Mercher.
    Race: Wood Elf.
    Class: As a pre-teen she has no class as of yet, though she has the potential to be a healing Oracle.
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 12 years old.
    Height: 5′ for the moment.
    Weight: 81 lbs. She’s rather light for her size.
    Hair Color: Dirty blonde.
    Eye Color: Aquamarine green, though she’s completely blind.
    Family History: Birth mother= Briallen (dead). Adopted father= Drystan Mercher (age 29).
    Held Titles: None.
    Character History: Gwen was born to Briallen, a rather common Woof Elf as far as abilities go. She adored her daughter and doted on her a great deal, taking Gwen with her when she traveled to sell her goods. The little Wood Elf was capable of sight until she reached the age of 6, when Briallen woke to her daughter’s screams of fear. Rushing her to the nearest place of healing, the Elven woman was glad to learn that all she had lost was her sight though there seemed to be no outward reason for the loss of her sight. One of the human healers, Drystan, suggested Briallen take Gwen to the nearest temple to see if they could discern a more mystical reason for her blindness. The temple was devoted to the deity Ketephys, the Elven god of the moon and hunt. The clerics of the temple were rather surprised and stumped by Gwen’s blindness until one was able to divine the answer; Gwen lost her sight by the hands of another god to mold her into an Oracle. Briallen was relieved to hear that it was the Dawnflower, Sarenrae, who was responsible for the act instead of an evil entity like Zon-Kuthon.
    Not long after being reassured by the clerics of Ketephys, Briallen met a grisly fate at the hands of cruel orcs on the road. Thankfully Gwen had remained hidden in the wagon until a handful of armed warriors came up the road on patrol, chasing off the orcs. Barely clinging to life, Briallen asked the warriors to take Gwen back to the temple of Ketephys to be cared for by the clerics. Upon returning to the temple, Drystan recognized the blind girl and offered to take her in himself. It was only recently that the two moved to Arcanum so that Gwen may have a fresh start and learn magic in the peaceful kingdom. Though Drystan wants Gwen to lead a normal life, he knows that she will be unable to have such a life as an Oracle in service to Sarenrae, whether she was blind or not.
    Biographical Info: Gwen is rather small for a girl of her age and race, though that has no effect on how she lives her life. Though her eyes are perfectly normal in appearance, she is completely blind. Her blonde hair is usually pulled back in some fashion, thanks to her father’s care. She’s usually dressed in either a tasteful short dress with leggings or a simple long gown. She never goes anywhere without her bead necklace, the last thing Briallen gave to her.

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