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    Ezreayl Lavarus

    Name: Ezreayl Lavarus

    Race: Nymph

    Class: Engineer/Researcher. Ezreayl focuses her attention on mechanical objects, learning about them, creating them, improving them, fixing them. She’s also booksmart, always willing to learn new things about the world and it’s history. She researches things she knows nothing about until she can give you a confirmation of what she knows and what she plans on finding out. Very well organized.

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Height: 5’2″

    Weight: 115 lbs.

    Hair Color: Brown and blonde.

    Eye Color: Hazel with a white ring around the pupil.

    Family History: Dhaiyr & Sienne Lavarus (father, mother) / Unknown history.

    Held Titles: N/A


    Character History: Ezreayl comes from a small town named Fieroden, where most of the townsfolk simply moved through out life, obeying orders from those of higher status. The males once they reached age 16, were prepared for war and the females were prepared for marriage. Ezreayl was unlikely to marry as when she was born, they had learned she had a weak immune system, thus one of their few great engineers hand made a face mask for her, allowing her to breathe in filtered air so as to prolong her life, a mask in which has needed upgrading every couple of years. Ezreayl had dreams though, she wanted to build things, learn things, create things. New objects in this world that would improve daily life, give their town an advantage. She also loved to discover new things, you named it and she’d find out the what, where, when and how of it. The townsfolk had all gone to her when they had a problem with their homes, inside or out and when they were curious of something they knew nothing about, they’d go to her as she was one of the most knowledgeable in her town. She was well known for her abilities as a mechanical engineer but also an engineer in itself as well as her capability for finding information at what would be called “the snap of her fingers.” Soon enough, the royal guard had gotten wind of a female committing the jobs of a man and the complaints of a woman being both curious and knowledgeable of worldly things and reported it to the king and queen, thus causing guards to be sent to imprison Ezreayl. Ezreayl had run from home, leaving her family behind and began to travel, always wary but never concerned, during her travels, she read many books, educating herself on terms she’d need to know and learning different things about engineering itself. Somehow during her journeys though, she had boarded a ship, reading throughout the entire duration, when she unboarded, she found herself in Arcanum Draconis.


    //Combative Info\



    1.) A small blade; kept by her side at all times, Ezreayl was trained to handle a blade, easily using it in any situation she happens to be in.


    2.) Make-shift axe; A small axe that she keeps on hand, easily thrown if she wants to make her point which she rarely has to.


    3.) Mechanical wings; She cannot fly, the invention of these said wings have the effect as if she jumps from a cliff, she could certainly glide down. The gears turning as the wings similar to that of a firefly begin to move, creating a resistance to the wind draft allowing it to catch and her to soften her fall. Still needing improvement as far as the height limit of her fall.


    4.) Whip; though she seldomly uses it, Ezreayl carries a whip, her talents in using one advanced as she could fling it out and it would wrap around your wrist or wherever she is aiming and trap you in her reach. Many days and nights of training to master this talent were needed.


    5.) Bow and Arrows; Highly skilled in archery, Ezreayl can hit her target no matter how far, high, or small it is. Not so often, she’s even known to use her bow itself as a weapon, the wood thick and strong as to stop it from breaking.


    6.) Her mind; Though a mind is usually hardly referred to as a weapon, for Ezreayl, it surely is one. She over-analyzes, observes and reacts to what she reads through body language and any other hints to a situation. Often preventing a fight/battle or disagreement that could be settled if handled the right way.

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