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    Erin Velika

    Full Name: Erinell Velika Randiriel Vespera

    Nickname: Rin

    Age: Unknown (lack of knowledge of her original birth date)

    Birthplace: Unknown (lack of knowledge and memory loss at a younger age)

    Race: Lynx demon

    Physical appearence: Dark brown, faded tipped hair that falls to her waist. Equally dark skin, no usual makeup beside the jewel laced into her hair on her forehead. Her original eye color was a mixed, greyish-blue color till her accident involving a dread god that caused her to completely loose her sight. She wears a stolen pirate’s outfit that the skirt is able to come off if she so needs to move freely. Always barefooted minus the threaded detail that covers the top section of her feet. Old, worn leather gloves cover her hands which hide the scars she detests.

    Class: Mage, Rin prefers using her magic over most normal objects. Even when she’s creating everyday objects, some magic is cast upon the object. Specifically her weapons. Though she exceeds in almost anything involvedĀ  with the using, creating, combining, teaching as well as discovering magic uses.

    Likes: Any feline related item

    Dislikes: Catnip

    Personality: For one being half lynx, she’s pretty lazy. Most days she’s entertaining herself by exploring any place she can get to on four legs, or if she’s sleepy; sunbathing on a rock. She’s not easily angered nor annoyed but she can be faintly irritated if she’s in a foul mood (Which is often enough, given that she is one of the non common felines).

    Abilites: Magic use is limited while in beastial form, which is telepathy and minor healing spells. In her more human form, she can use Aerial magic, two elemental magic types :Ice and Air, some plant manipulation to basic rooted plants, basic healing magic, mostly reads spells from her mental book of spells

    Weapons: Chained Scythe (and nonchained), daggers, and smaller swords


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