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    Ciar Karedric

    Name: Ciar Adyamr Halm Karedric

    Race: Dragon Shifter

    Class: Dragoneer (Combination Fighter Class using unique Draconic Abilities to perform powerful attacks)

    Gender: Male

    Age: Over 500

    Height: 7′ 6″

    Weight: 475 ((all mussle thank you)

    Hair Color: Gold

    Eye Color: Gold

    Family History: Bahamier (Father)
    Nemina (mother)
    Many Siblings he has never meet
    Emerick Karedic (eldest Son)
    Illyana (eldest Daughter)
    Anni (Daghter
    Nolan (son)
    Eliza (Daughter)
    Sebaston 9Son
    Tayla (daughter)
    Aeryn (daughter
    Zoyrn (Son)



    Ciar was born a true dragon but  died in his dreams witch cased him to die in real life, his soul was in the dream world. If you die there the King or Lord of dreams has your soul normally they send you to where you are spouse to go but the King of dreams took his soul and made him into something else, a nightmare called a Dradrake, a dragon nightmare. Dradrakes are rare cause it takes a lot to form them unless you have a dragons soul so he took his. Now being a nightmare he became a dark dragon, he also had no memory of my past life. He served there for hundreds of years learning how to fight. Eventually he got strong enough to have dreamer, witch allowed him to manifest into the physical world. Her name was Eden and threw her he learned many different  things that he was not able to learn in the dream world

    Shortly after this I found out that my master had a dark secret he was not content on just ruling the dream relm but everything in creation. He confronted him asked him if it was all true, when his master said yes Ciar drew his sword and attacked him. Unfortunately Ciar was not a match for his old master and was quickly defeated. His master and stuck him in the back from just below his neck to just above his waist. With all his strength he was able to get away and make it to his dreamer who healed him.

    During this period Ciar and another Dradrake by the name of Ballasar went looking for a way to cut of thier ties from the dream would. While doing this Ciar meet Elli his first mate and the feel deeply in love. Ciar and Ballasar found a powerful sage by the name of Dark Blood Tempest and  he was able to cut their ties to the dream relm and make them something else, Dragon sifters


    Shortly after becoming a shifter Elli became pregnant with Emerick Ciars first son. It was this time Ciar was recruited into the Dragoneers by Lance. Over the years Ciar would climb the Ranks and Elli gave birth to their second child Illyana. Both of the kids were aged to help in the upcomiing war with the hell hounds. But the war never came.

    Around this time he found his real father and threw him he was able to comply shed his dark dragon shell and becaome what he had always ment to be, a gold holy dragon


    As tiem went by Elii gave birth to thier other kids but it seemed Ciar and she grew apart. And Ciar ended up leaving the Kingdom Elli rulled saying that he no longer felt welcomed by the others of her kind.


    Emerick would follow his father and Ciar would climb the ranks even further. And after becoming a LT. Colonel he was named the Successor to the new Wyrm Lord Lance. This is whe the war with his former master started for two years they fought his army of nightmares and Dark Dragoons, his former masters version of the dragoneers.


    Ciar knowing they did not have the means to kill his former master went on a quest to find the weapon of the first Wyrm Lord, Bahumuts Talon. A weapon forged by the dragon god himself for the Wyrm Lords. He found it and was also became the keeper of the legendary blade Excalibur. With these two weapons in hand he was ready. With the help of Ballasar, anther close friend named Warped a man who was also betrayed by his former master, Zane Hashom, then man that was brainwashed by blessed to betray the dragoneers and create the Dark Dragoons that Ciar Warped and Lance helped free, stormed his former master lair.


    The battle was fierce, and unfortunately Lance lost his lefe in the fight. Ciar though was able to kill his former master  with Bahumts Talon. Lance died in Ciars arms as his last words to Ciar was “Leads our Order to Glory, Wyrm Lord”

    Ciar lead the Dragoneers for almost 200 years, Until he meet Kin, he fell in love with her and after she gave birth to their three children he deiced to step down as Wyrm Lord and now rules along side of Kinn as King of Arcanum

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